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Special Projects

Special Projects.

This page is for those enthusiasts who want to have their own personal design ideas created for them. From 2021, it will be possible for enthusiasts to have yacht designs created, so individuals may go and produce there own projects for themselves. Initially, the final design will come in the form of a digital file which can be used for ‘3D Printing’. In future, we will expand the final product to also come in the form of ready made shadows, which the builder can use to plank over the top and form the desired hull shape.

For a successful project, it will be important for the customer to closely liaise with John Taylor throughout the design stages. The project will start with the initial hull drawing, based upon the guidance from the customer. Once the basic hull shape is agreed, the project will move to the measurement and positioning phase and finally to the overall design confirmation.

Once the design is confirmed the usable digital file will include the following products: Hull Shape, attached Flat Deck or Raised Foredeck (If required), then related images only of the Fin, Rudder and Lead Ballast attached to the hull. Included will be a set of hydrostatic figures relating to the yacht, all designs will include measurement documentation for the rig, keel and radio equipment positions where required. The finalised digital file will come in the form of Rhino / IGS formats which are compatible for most 3D printers, so the customer can create a plug.

The price for this work will be determined on the size and shape of the yacht being created. (Rule of Thumb), the more complicated the hull shape the more expensive. For personnel interested in having there ideas put into a design file for ‘3D printing’, make your enquiries to John Taylor. Email:

Project Design Sizes.

Yacht Hulls up to 1000mm / RG65, 36R, US1m and IOM Classes – £ 160.00

Yacht Hulls up to 1500mm / Marblehead, 10R Classes and Custom Designs – £ 180.00

Yacht Hulls up to 2000mm / 6 Meter, A – Classes and Custom Designs – £ 250.00

Yacht Hulls beyond >3000mm for Custom Designs only – £ POA