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Radio Pots

Radio Pots

Ideal for those building their own yacht, these parts come pre assembled and can be customised to suit your specific winch and battery type.

The large pot is the same as seen on all our yachts with a flange around the top to allow the pot to be mounted from underneath the deck. A mounting ring inside the pot to takes the radio plate. A click and twist motion ensure the radio plate is locked in place, for added security a self tapping screw is supplied to hold the plate firmly in position.

When installing into your hull, two slots will need to be made near the top of the pot wall for the sheeting lines to pass through. Ensuring that they are in line with your winch drum and sheeting pulleys to limit friction and snagging.
Cost £40 plus p&p

PDF download explaining how to fit a winch and the sheeting lines.
Especially when using the RMG self tensioning drum.
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