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IOM Rubix

IOM – Rubix

Designed by John Taylor

LOA 1000mm   Beam 185mm    Minimum Displacement 4kgs

The launch of the RUBIX in 2015 was a clear step up in ambition, to compete at the very top level of the International One Meter (IOM) class. Using the theme of my previous design ‘Shiraz’ and reducing the beam significantly, we have made every effort to improve performance in light wind conditions, but trying not to reduce performance across the wind speed bracket. The main feature of RUBIX is the hard chine that runs from the transom, along the hull line to the bow. The shape of the hull, allows the waterline length to extend quickly as the yacht heels. Additionally, the chine grips the water minimizing any further sideways motion. Therefore, RUBIX has great pointing ability when sailing to windward. This is also assisted by the rig being positioned as low as practical within a well, built in the mid-sections of the deck. RUBIX has improved downwind performance because of the fuller sections within the forward part of the canoe body. In addition, we have included the flared bow, this feature assists the hull’s buoyancy and therefore the yacht is less prone to ‘Nose Diving’, during the downwind leg of the course. 

Radio Pot Assembly

RUBIX can be configured to support the RMG and other types of sail winches. Depending upon the make of the winch, the rudder servo, receiver and batteries are mainly encompassed within the radio pot. If the skipper is using an RMG winch, the rudder servo is installed outside the pot and sits on a tray to the rear. This gives more space inside the pot for the RX. Additionally when using an RMG we recommend using a ‘left hand’ 32mm self tensioning drum, easy to set up and very reliable.

Rig Specification

It is recommended for skippers to choose their own rig supplier, especially if they wish to keep within a budget. There are various specialists who supply components for the rigs required for the RUBIX. It becomes a personal choice but which ever supplier of rigs or kits you choose, ensure you follow the instructions carefully.

Rubix hull with keel & rudder: £995
Rubix hull plus 2 rigs* and RMG winch**: £1845

*If posting, sails will be sent separately to the mast and will require some input from the skipper.
**Other winches are available such as the Robbie, Kingsmax and PJ Sails.

The hull kit will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment. The hull, deck, rudder, fin box and other internal parts, including the bumper are all fitted to the hull. Deck fittings are installed, the keel, ballast and rudder  are also included with a painted finish. A full sheeting line fed through the pulleys is installed with plenty of cord for you to attach to the booms. Your winch and rudder servo can be installed if you supply them.

For further information on Rubix contact Damian Ackroyd on his email

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