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IOM Maiden

IOM – Maiden

Designed by Damian Ackroyd

LOA – 1000mm Beam 160mm Minimum Displacement 4kgs

Maiden is layered up in 3 layers of glass cloth, 2 of which are S-glass for added durability. Designed primarily for lighter wind venues, throughout her first year she has proven herself exceptionally well across the wind speed bracket. The fore-deck is shaped to add strength and enables the jib boom to remain close to the hull form. There is less of a need to have a deep mast well with modern low aspect goosenecks, This prevents the boom ends dragging in the water when on a reach leg of the course.
You can order the standard colour options or utilise the RAL or BS colour systems, as all hulls are sprayed with 2 pack. A selection of sample colours can be seen at the bottom of this page. Foils are usually painted in the same colour as the hull, dark grey or white (for an extra cost).

Radio Pot AssemblyClick for PDF download to pot and sheeting guide.

Maiden can be configured to support the RMG and other types of sail winches inside the large radio pot utilising a digitally printed mounting system for the radio plate. The rudder servo is installed outside the pot in a tray to the rear. Additionally when using an RMG we recommend using a ‘left hand’ 32mm self tensioning drum, easy to set up and very reliable.

Hull Kit and other pricing options.
The hull kit will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment. Or as a fully complete yacht including rigs, winch and servo, where you’ll just need Tx, Rx and batteries.

Option 1 – £995
Hull, Foils and Boat Bag
Includes all eyebolts and deck pulleys and a sheeting line thread through them, leaving plenty of extra cord for attaching to the booms and winch drum.

Option 2 – £1650
As Option 1 plus
Turnigy winch, RMG self tensioning drum, RMG watertight switch, XT30 connectors
Rudder servo
2 rigs (French alloy masts, No1 ballraced gooseneck, No 2 standard gooseneck),
Fabric rig bag
Upgraded wooden rig box for an additional £85

Option 3 – £2300
As Option 1 plus
RMG winch, self tensioning drum, RMG watertight switch, XT30 connectors
Rudder servo
3 ballraced rigs (French alloy masts, fully ballraced)
Fabric rig bag
Upgrade to a wooden rig box for an additional £85

NOTE: If posting, sails will be sent separately to the mast and will require some input from the skipper. We highly recommend purchasing a wooden rig box if you require fully made up rigs with the minimum of skipper build.

For further information on Maiden contact Damian Ackroyd on his email: