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Periodically products or items will appear on this page which are available at a reduced price.

For further information or to purchase any of these items, please contact John Taylor. Email: and Damian Ackroyd. Email:

Astrix – (Marblehead)

GBR 5228 (Registered 2017)

A modern shaped Marblehead using Carbon fibre / Kevlar construction, with a fin from ‘Robot Yachts’ and configured for Swing and Conventional Rigs.

This package comes initially with 3 rigs, all using high modulus carbon masts with ball raced fittings. (A – Swing Rig, B and C – Conventional Rigs).

A wooden Rig Box, plus a Boat Stand from (Potter-Solutions) and a spare Fin included.

PDA Sail Winch and a Rudder Servo are fully installed inside the boat, batteries are available. The purchaser just requires a TX / RX.

Astrix is suited for open water venues and with wind speeds above 5mph. I regularly travel across the UK and would be able to meet and deliver where required.

For further information please email:

Price – £ 1850  ono.  (3 rig package).

Additional Option: The Astrix does have a full wardrobe of 6 rigs, therefore Conventional Rigs – C2, C3 and B2 are available at a negotiable price per rig.