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Vane A-Class: Matrix .

Designed by John Taylor

LOA: 2000mm, _____Beam: 300mm, _____Displacement: 14.4 – 14.6Kgs, _____Sail Area 1340 Sq/In.

Matrix has been developed for Vane Sailing, everything about the hull shape allows the yacht to quickly travel through the water in a straight line at maximum speed. The bow section has a low profile shape (Dreadnought Style), this keeps the hull close to the waterline. In addition, Matrix also has a lot of tumblehome above the chine, which allows the waterline to extend along the full length of the yacht. The whole concept ensures Matrix reaches maximum hull speed as soon as the yacht heels.

Extra freeboard is built into the design, the purpose of this feature is when you study the class rules, the skipper has the ability to change the overall displacement and rig set up of Matrix for a particular wind condition. Therefore, this design may have more than one registered measurement certificate. Skippers must ensure they use the correct certificate, for their desired configuration for this boat. The main purpose of Matrix is for ‘Vane Sailing’ and should not be considered for radio control.

Rig Specifications:

It is recommended to use high modulus carbon tube when constructing the rig. Using diameter tubes of 16.5 / 14 / 12mm will ensure the mast retains maximum stiffness and strength, especially in strong wind conditions whilst flying a spinnaker on the run. The luff rod for the ‘Headsail’ should be made from 12 / 10mm diameter carbon tube.  It becomes a personal choice of how many sails you wish to employ, but generally 3 suits of sails will provide the skipper with a starting point. If the skipper wishes to employ more sails, then the most suitable configuration is as follows.

A – Full size mainsail and jib using lightweight sail cloth.
A2 – (Flat Mainsail) using heavier sail cloth with a full size jib.
B –  Reduced size sails using a heavier sail cloth.
Storm Suit – Smallest Sails (Optional).

Whichever supplier of sails you choose, the quality of the carbon mast is of paramount importance. If your choosing to build your own rig using a kit, ensure you follow the instructions carefully from the rig supplier.

Matrix (Vane) Hull Kit Price £1550

The Matrix will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig. The hull’s are constructed using an inner layer of Carbon / Kevlar, with another layer of carbon twill cloth on the outside of the hull. Moulding is achieved using the vacuum bag technique. This type of construction method forms a light but robust shell. The hull, deck, rudder, fin box and other internal parts, including the bumper are all fitted to the hull. The ballast will require final fitting and be painted once the measurement process is completed. The ‘Vane Steering’ system is not included with the hull kit and must be bought as a separate item from a specialist.

For further information on Matrix contact Damian Ackroyd on his 


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