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6m SeaBird

6M – Seabird 

Designed By Dave Hollom

LOA – 1600mm     Beam – 265mm    Displacement – 11.4Kgs.

Taking a fresh look at the 6m class, Dave Hollom designed ‘Seabird‘ to be slightly lighter than the existing designs and by pushing the envelope of certain parameters, she is able to achieve a similar sail area to her heavier fellow 6m’s. ‘Seabird‘ is constructed with a mix of 2 layers of carbon/kevlar cloth, then reinforcement carbon strips are applied in other areas using female moulds. The fin is built into the hull, with the lead ballast detachable from the fin by a stainless steel rod. The rudder and lead ballast can be painted in the same colour as the hull, or finished to our standard dark grey option. ‘Seabird‘ can be ordered using the standard colour options, or you can utilise the RAL or BS colour systems, as all hulls are sprayed with 2 pack. 

Radio Pot AssemblyClick for PDF download the pot and sheeting guide.

‘Seabird’ is configured to support the RMG sail winch inside the large radio pot, utilising a digitally printed mounting system. The rudder servo is installed outside the pot, in a separate tray to the rear. Additionally when using an RMG, we recommend using a ‘left hand’ 32mm self tensioning drum, easy to set up and very reliable.

Hull options
The basic hull option comes in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment.
Alternatively a fully finished ‘Ready to Sail‘ yacht can be purchased, just needing your TX, Rx and batteries.

Option 1 – £1400
Hull, fin, rudder and lead ballast
Includes all eyebolts and deck pulleys and a sheeting line thread through them, leaving plenty of extra cord for attaching to the booms and winch drum.

Option 2 – £3400
As Option 1 plus
RMG winch, RMG self tensioning drum, RMG watertight switch, XT30 connectors
Rudder servo
Rig – utilising high modulus carbon for the mast
Carbon booms
Ballraced jib swivel, gooseneck and head fitting
Sails – made from varying weights of scrim for durability and efficiency
  Working main and jib
  Lightweight jib
  Flat mainsail
  2nd suit jib and main

Building slots start from April. Therefore, for further information on Seabird contact Damian Ackroyd on his email:


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