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36R -‘ Remix’

Designed by John Taylor.

LOA – 925mm (36.4 inches), _____Beam – 220mm (8.6 inches), _____Displacement – 5kgs.

REMIX was launched in 2020 and represents our entry into this class. This design may be used for both competitive vane or radio sailing, which is ideal for all skippers who like to sail on a budget. The main design feature of REMIX is the chine running along the full length of the hull, which assists windward performance by minimising drift. The hull’s free-board has been lowered enough to incorporate a slightly raised fore deck. This allows airflow to be directed towards the rig and the skipper has the option to use a ram for mast rake adjustment.

Rig Specifications.

It is recommended to use high modulus carbon masts. If you’re choosing to build your own rigs using a kit, ensure you follow the instructions carefully from your chosen rig supplier. Additionally, REMIX has been successfully tested using converted (IOM) style rigs. Therefore, if your keeping to a budget and you are just club racing, it is recommended to use IOM style rigs, which will ensure REMIX remains competitive across the wind speed bracket. For championship sailing, we can custom make the hull to suit the dedicated 36R sail-plan within our rigging guide. (Available below)

Vane Sailing Configuration

REMIX in this configuration will include a skeg, rudder and a transom plate to allow the vane system to be located outboard of the hull. (Picture below).

Vane / Skeg and Rudder Configuration

Remix Carbon Hull Kit – Price £995

REMIX is moulded using the vacuum bag technique. Excess epoxy is squeezed out at temperature to produce a very light but durable shell. The hull kit will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment, or vane system. The hull, deck, rudder, fin box and other internal parts, including the bumper are all fitted to the hull. Deck fittings are installed, the keel, rudder (and skeg for Vane Sailing) are also included. Additionally, the fin and lead ballast are completed with a painted finish.

For further information on REMIX contact Damian Ackroyd. 


Click for the Tuning Guide.