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2022 News

January – March 2022

This year I decided to publish our activity covering a 3 month period. It has been a busy start to 2022 with a number of topics to mention. My wooden ‘Rubix’ (IOM) has been pushed back into competitive racing, featuring in a number of Open Races across the country. Due to a change in circumstances ‘Rubix’ will also feature in the UK Championships at Castle Semple during April. This is because my new (IOM) design ‘Sushi’, Hull 2 remains under construction but I am hopeful we can launch ‘Sushi’ in June.

However, I am pleased to announce the completion of the first of two carbon ‘Remix’ (36 Class) yachts. Previously, there was only a 3D printed prototype being sailed. Damian worked hard to produce a mould and from this the first carbon ‘Remix’ was launched at Fleetwood, finishing 2nd from 9 boats when competing in the Topham Cup recently. ‘Remix’ will now feature in the (Vane 36) UK Championship at Gosport in April.

In addition and first reported last November, Damian and myself have worked on a new (Marblehead) project, which we hope will replace our existing design. Last weekend saw the launch of our new 3D printed prototype ‘Peroni’. 

Using PLA the hull, deck and internal fixtures were all created in 3 sections, which have been bonded together. However, the foils being used are carbon with the hull painted to a smooth finish. The overall hull weight is 150 grams more in comparison to a carbon hull, but this is a manageable limitation for a test yacht. ‘Peroni’ will feature in various regattas in the coming months.