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December – 2020 Review.

This year has been the most productive in terms of successfully launching new projects. Damian Ackroyd and myself have made the most of our time during this global pandemic, we have continued to move forward to learn new skills when it comes to design and construction of our products. In 2020, we have managed to create and launch no fewer than 5 new designs. The year started with my significant investment by purchasing the latest Maxsurf CAD Software. This was essential to our future, with changing technologies when producing home built yachts. My Maxsurf package not only includes performance modelling, but also provides an opportunity, to create 3 Dimensional (3D) printed yachts to be used as prototypes. The following information details each project launched this year, with an update on progress and predicted availability.

In January saw the launch of a new 6 meter yacht called ‘Seabird’, designed by Dave Hollom this boat is seen as a replacement to Drisky. Damian Ackroyd has been trialling this design throughout the year and it represents our first 3D printed yacht to be constructed. Therefore, ‘Seabird’ was not only used to prove the design concept, but more importantly it was also used to prove the building process, for future prototype yachts to be created, prior to moulding the finished product. With the trials now finished on ‘Seabird’, Damian is now constructing the plug ready to produce the first carbon hulls in January 2021. Once ready our ‘6 Meter’ webpage will go live publishing details of this new design.

In the month of March saw the completion of our new 36R ‘Remix’. Designed by myself this yacht represents our entry to the class. Again this was a 3D printed prototype made for a Fleetwood Club member, who wanted to be involved within the local 36R class series. However, due to the national lockdown period ‘Remix’ was not launched until July, additionally the design uses converted (IOM) style rigs instead of the traditional 36R sail plan. This configuration is seen as a budget option with most skippers having spare (IOM) rigs available. Despite the different sail plan ‘Remix’ has become a very competitive vane yacht, with this design available on our website, we are now looking forward to the prospect of producing the first carbon radio version of ‘Remix’ very soon.

July was the start of a busy period because Damian and myself had 3 projects running in parallel with each other. ‘Aero’ (RG65) was my new class design to replace the Fonix. This was also the first project to come out from using the new Maxsurf software, I had purchased earlier in the year. I had spent much of the lockdown period learning this CAD package. So this design was very important to evaluate on the water. Since ‘Aero’s’ launch, Damian has continued to assess the performance of this design, which is now accepted into our fleet. Therefore, I am pleased to announce ‘Aero’ is available with the webpage now live at the link:

August saw the launch of a class of yacht with a difference and something not normally seen across this side of the Atlantic. Pringle (US1m) designed by myself, is a project going into its third year of research, which has included numerous visits to Florida USA. ‘Pringle’ should not be confused with an IOM, there are many differences between the two classes, with US1m’s normally found in Canada and the US. My prototype was constructed purely to race in the class championships last September. However, due to the pandemic these championships were cancelled, so I have continued to trial this boat here in the UK. Unfortunately, the US government still does not allow international visitors’ to enter the country, therefore my traditional visit to Florida next month has also been cancelled. This is another opportunity lost to test ‘Pringle’ against other class designs. In the coming year, Damian and I will move forward to produce the first carbon version of this yacht and commit to competing in the 2021 Class Championships in Sacramento. (Pandemic allowing). The result of that regatta will depend on the future availability of ‘Pringle’ beyond 2021. Finally, I wish to give thanks to Mr Art Lent (Space Coast MYC), not only for his continual support to my ‘Pringle’ project, but also by making me feel welcome and allowing me to race his boats, with members of the Space Coast MYC, located at Wickham Park, Florida.

In December, the ‘Matrix’ (A – Class) project was finally launched. This project is one of very few radical A-Class designs sailing today. ‘Matrix’ was first seen in 2018 at Gosport and represented my idea to innovate future A-Class hulls. A deliberate attempt to produce something different, whilst trying to exploit the theory of how hulls move through the water. Unfortunately, hull 1 was not successful and was immediately discarded. In 2019 / 20 a new plug was commissioned and from this we published a building blog, describing the construction of ‘Matrix’ Hull 2. This project has been a continual challenge for the last 2 years and is well over budget. However, the potential inclusion of multi certificates, with the skipper having the freedom to change the boats setup, for a given weather conditions is an exciting feature of my design. Now Matrix Hull 2 has been launched we will continue to support the plan to compete as much as possible throughout 2021. I hope in the coming months we shall see some rewards for all the hard work and continuous enthusiasm for innovation, despite at times thinking the learning curve maybe to steep to climb. It is unknown at present if ‘Matrix’ will be commercially produced, but should this design begin to provide positive feedback, then I do not discount its future availability. I wish to give thanks to Mr Ray Baker (Gosport MYC), for his major contribution for creating the two ‘Matrix’ plugs.

Happy New Year and have a safe 2021 from John and Damian.

November 2020

Work has continued to push the Matrix (A – Class) project towards being launched before the end of this year. After being tank tested for the first time in October when checking the boat’s trim, we have managed to keep with the original lead ballast shape. This has been achieved by adding an additional fixing rod, to prevent the lead ballast from twisting when the boat is in the water. This extra fixing has saved an enormous amount of additional development time, allowing the Matrix to be positioned within a measuring jig for the final fitting of the keel. It is hoped once this work is complete, this boat will be close to being launched at Fleetwood before Christmas.

To read more on this project please go to the link:

October 2020

A busy month spent developing our new projects as we head towards 2021. Two of which is the Matrix (A – Class) and Aero (RG65). Read below for further details.

Progress continues slowly with the Matrix (A – Class), as this project has repeatedly thrown up more challenges during its construction and final fitting out. Recently, we managed to place the boat within the measuring tank for the positioning of the lead ballast and final trimming of the hull.

To read more please go to the link:

As for ‘Aero’ (RG65) the final hull shape has been agreed after weeks of trials. The construction of the plug is underway and we hope the first hull will be finished by the end of 2020. ‘Aero’ represents my 3rd generation of design within this class and it provides the skipper with some flexibility, when choosing keel weight in comparison to the weather conditions.

September 2020

A successful month for our new 36R design ‘Remix’. Sailing in the yacht’s first competitive vane race since its launch, ‘Remix’ was triumphant by winning the Lever Cup at Fleetwood. During the course of the day the strong wind conditions proved the design is capable of a good performance between 2nd and 3rd (storm) rigs. This ‘Remix’ yacht uses converted IOM rigs and this configuration has proved to be just as competitive in comparison to another yacht using dedicated 36R class sails.

September has also been used to refurbish my personal wooden (IOM) ‘Rubix’. Since 2017, this yacht has been at the forefront within my personal fleet of yachts. Without question it is my favourite boat to sail and arguably one of the most competitive yacht’s I have had the pleasure to own. Unfortunately, over time and after some keel damage in 2019, my Rubix urgently required repairing. I am now glad to report the refurbish work has been completed, the damaged keel has been replaced with a new one, freshly moulded by ourselves and new sails will be ordered during the winter.

August 2020

‘Pringle’ (US1m) Launch. Designed by John Taylor

A few weeks ago, saw the launch of ‘Pringle’ (US1m) at Fleetwood. This 3D printed prototype yacht is our entry into this development class and a rare site within the UK. ‘Pringle’, is not to be confused to an International One Meter (IOM), although the yacht has an overall hull length of 1000mm / 39.37 inches, the design has a displacement of 2.75kgs. ‘Pringle’ employs 4 carbon rigs with the maximum sail area of >387096+ mm* or >600+ sq/inches. Therefore, the whole concept is a lot different in comparison to the IOM. The US1m class is normally only seen within America and Canada, but ‘Pringle’ represent our latest design within our expanding portfolio, which includes entries to specialised development classes across the Atlantic.

The timely launch of ‘Pringle’ came as the news broke from across the Atlantic, the difficult decision was announced, due to the Corona-virus pandemic to cancel the Sacramento Sail Week, which included the class championships with ‘Pringle’ set to compete in the regatta.

As we have a further 12 months of development time, we will take the opportunity to modify further Pringle’s rig and deck layout. I hope to visit Wickham Park, Florida in early January 2021, to test sail this prototype in front of the local class skippers. Should the test be successful, we will produce the first carbon version after returning to the UK and in preparation for the class championships in 2021.

Other news this month, Ian Davidson has now expanded his range by including custom made keel boxes, in addition to the rig boxes he produces. For further information on all these items, please follow the link:

July 2020

This month has been a busy period launching new projects, most notably our new 36R design ‘Remix’. This is our entry into the class and provides a cost effective way for skippers who wish to be involved in sailing these yachts. ‘Remix’ can be used for both radio or vane and is adaptable for skippers who wish to use IOM or dedicated 36R class rigs. Please go to the link below for more information.

Remix constitutes the last of the series of (IX) designs which have featured over the years. The others within the series were as follows: Astrix (M-Class) 2014, Rubix (IOM) 2015, Fonix (RG65) 2016, Sonix (10R) 2017, Matrix (A – Class) 2018/19 and Remix (36R) 2020.

In addition, we have expanded our ‘Parts’ page which includes lead ballasts, boat bags and sail boxes, so I invite you to browse at your leisure.


June 2020

The construction of the Matrix (A-Class) is now complete and will be delivered to the owner, for the fitting of the rig prior to the boat’s measurement and launch. It is unfortunate this years Vane A-Class Championship has been cancelled, but now the opportunity exists for more time to trial the revised Matrix design. This essentially finishes Part 1 of the building blog, with part 2 commencing once Matrix is launched in the near future.

The completion of our revised A-Class is the beginning of a series of new yacht designs, which will be introduced here in the coming months. We hope to launch our new projects within the 36 Class, RG65 and US1m Class. Included also will be a future IOM Kit for those building enthusiasts later this year. During this Corona-virus pandemic, we have remained busy in the background consistently expanding our products across the classes, which will all become available soon.

May 2020

It has been a frustrating few weeks because we have been unable to finish the Matrix (A-Class), due to the shortage of paint stock, from our suppliers being unavailable because of the Corona-virus pandemic. However, opportunity has put the spotlight on finalising our other projects within our expanding ‘Parts’ section. Progression on finishing our US1m Fin and Rudder moulds has been swift. The prototypes of which will be seen on my new US1m design ‘Pringle’ in the near future. In addition, Damian will be finalising his new IOM Fin and Rudder moulds, of which the prototypes will be installed in our IOM’s ‘Maiden’ and my wooden ‘Rubix’. The month of May has been a time to work on those small items which become important parts of all construction projects.

April 2020

The Matrix (A – Class) construction blog has dominated this month’s news, which follows Damian Ackroyd’s continuing progress when constructing this yacht to compete in vane sailing regattas. This 2 part series will continue over the coming months. The first part of the series will be completed once the yacht is ready for the installation of the rig and vane steering system. Once Matrix is ready for launch we will start the second part of the series, describing key elements of the rig, followed by future testing on the water and leading up to the yacht’s first race. (Pandemic depending). In future, there are plans for a ‘Matrix Build Report’, this will feature within the ‘Yachts & Yachting’ magazine website. The report will include the moulding process of the A – Class build, which wasn’t described in this blog, plus numerous pictures describing the design from an image on the computer screen, to a physical yacht being launched.

So keep an eye out for that!

March 2020

This month saw the completion of our new 36′ Class design ‘Remix’. Produced as a 3D printed yacht, this design is our entry into the class. Unfortunately, with the ongoing Corona-virus pandemic circulating the UK, the boat’s launch has been delayed until such time it is safe to recommence sailing. ‘Remix’ will feature in the vane sailing series at Fleetwood, but in the future we plan to produce moulded versions of this yacht, suitable for skippers who wish to compete in either vane or radio class regattas.

Remix (36 Class) By J. Taylor 2020

February 2020

A £4000 investment into our design software has been achieved during this month. Purchasing the latest version of ‘Maxsurf’ will guarantee a more improved product into our designs for the next 10 years, whilst remaining compatible to other computer programs our customers may wish to use.

The software allows to create new designs using many more modelling functions. More scrutiny into the different features will aid to a more improved product. Maxsurf recognises other software programs such as Rhino which supports 3D printed hulls. Therefore, we remain committed to progress and the continuing shift in design technology.

‘Pringle’ (US1m) By J. Taylor 2020

January 2020

The launch of our prototype 6 meter design, ‘Sea Bird’ took place today at Fleetwood. Designed by Dave Hollom and constructed in a 3D printed format by Damian Ackroyd, this yacht produced a lot of interest at the lakeside.

Over the day, numerous skippers took their turn racing ‘Sea Bird,’ with some good feed back on the boats performance witnessed. During the course of this year, Damian and Dave will continue to test and race the ‘Sea Bird’ prototype hull. A decision at the end of 2020 to produce carbon hulls will be taken, but this design is a welcome alternative to other 6 meter yacht designs.

‘Sea Bird’ (6Mtr) By D. Hollom 2020
Sea Bird (6Mtr) By D. Hollom

2020 will see two new designs
Remix to the 36r class. The first hull has been digitally printed and will be launched as a vane boat at Fleetwood, This design will compete within the growing UK 36r class series. The future plan will be to have separate Vane and Radio versions of this design.

A new ‘Vane A – Class’ hull will be produced for the Nationals at Gosport in 2020. Learning the lessons from the Matrix concept, a version 2 of this yacht will be under construction throughout the winter. Testing will begin in the spring.

2019 has been an exciting year.

Using our existing designs we have launched two new boats and upgraded our existing Marblehead ‘Astrix’. At the start of the year we decided to concentrate our efforts on qualifying for the World Championships in 2020. Therefore, Damian moulded a new Sonix (10r) with John beginning his campaign at the class Nationals. Despite the slow start, the progress made throughout the season has been significant, resulting in qualification to the (10r) World Championships during the last ranking event in Milton Keyes.

The next new yacht constructed this year by Damian was the improved ‘Drisky’ (6 Meter Class). Historically the design has attracted some critics despite finishing 2nd in 2008 and 3rd in 2012, in the class Nationals. Fresh with a new keel concept and a lowered rig configuration, Drisky achieved 4th in the Nationals this year, despite having only sailed for the second time since its construction.

However, the biggest challenge this year has been the campaign for qualifying for the Marblehead World Championships using the Astrix design. Damian has continually invested his time into the development upgrades for the Astrix. The fin and rig positions are located further forward than previously and the lead ballast has been increased in overall weight. Despite the invested time and the improvements seen, John and Damian have suffered some indifferent results. When changes to the boat have been completed, this has been to the expense of preparation time prior to a race, resulting in some basic lessons learnt. Our challenge will continue and hopefully Astrix will show more improvement in the new year. The effort in developing our existing designs with each race, has been well received by other skippers, who continue to show their support for our enthusiasm. John and Damian’s focus remains towards the forthcoming Worlds in 2020 at West Kirby.

In the background several new items have been tested throughout 2019 and the first of these is the radio pot with an under deck mounting ring, incorporating a radio plate.
A new IOM called ‘Maiden’, designed by Damian has been tested through the year and is now available to order. All this keeps John and Damian moving forward within the sport.

Matrix (A – Class)
Radio Pot
Remix – 3D Print