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Rig Boxes

General Sail Box Description – Shop Fitter Built.

Maranti hardwood.
4mm Plywood.
Each leaf is approx 25/30mm deep.
Overall box thickness is approx 65mm ( box is made from 70mm x 20mm Maranti hardwood.
All joints are mitred.
Plywood is rebated into frame and a mould is run on all edges.
Fitted with 4 x 65mm hinges and 3 x box clips.

Inside sizes – 500mm @ bottom and 115mm @ top
                        Height 1780.  Sloping height 1825mm.

Boxes will be finished in varnish and with a handle fitted.


Sail-box types available – IOM / US1m Class Price – £135.00. (Not Including postage).

Sail-box types available DF 95 / RG65 Class Price – £120.00. (Not Including postage).


Every effort will be made to deliver ordered sail-boxes whilst the opportunity exists when attending a regatta. However, there will be occasions when customers will have to pay for postage or make arrangements to collect their sail-box themselves.

Custom Made.

Other sail-box sizes can be negotiated as well as the related price. The customer must provide accurate inside dimensions when ordering a custom made box. The inside of the box is left empty for the customer to complete, as per their own personal set up preference.

Ian Davidson (Greenock MYC) with your order, payment must be made prior to the work starting. Email for further information: