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RG65 – Fonix

Designed by John Taylor

LOA 650mm   Beam 95mm   Displacement 1.1kgs

The FONIX launched in 2016 represented our entry into the developing 65 class. It’s narrow and sleek hull lines follow the same theme of our current Marblehead and IOM class yachts. 

In 2018, FONIX completed an extensive upgrade program. The winch and radio equipment have been re-positioned within the mid to after sections of the hull. New style lead ballasts at different weights (Optional)  have been included, so skippers have the choice to alter the overall displacement of their FONIX, to suit the weather conditions.

Rig Specifications

FONIX is fitted with 2 mast positions. Therefore, the skipper has a choice of using a combination of Swing and Conventional Rigs. It is recommended for skippers to choose their own supplier, especially if they wish to keep within a budget. There are various specialists who supply carbon tube and components for the rigs required for the FONIX. If you’re choosing to build your own rigs using a kit, ensure you follow the instructions carefully from your chosen rig supplier.

Fonix Hull Kits from £450

The hull kit will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment. The hull, deck, rudder, fin box and other internal parts, including the bumper are all fitted to the hull. Deck fittings are installed, the keel and rudder are also included. Additionally, the fin and lead ballast are fitted together and completed with a painted finish.

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