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January 2020

The launch of our prototype 6 meter design, ‘Sea Bird’ took place today at Fleetwood. Designed by Dave Hollom and constructed in a 3D printed format by Damian Ackroyd, this yacht produced a lot of interest at the lakeside.

Over the day, numerous skippers took their turn racing ‘Sea Bird,’ with some good feed back on the boats performance witnessed. During the course of this year, Damian and Dave will continue to test and race the ‘Sea Bird’ prototype hull. A decision at the end of 2020 to produce carbon hulls will be taken, but this design is a welcome alternative to other 6 meter yacht designs.

Sea Bird
Sea Bird

2020 will see two new designs
Remix to the 36r class. The first hull has been digitally printed and will be launched as a vane boat at Fleetwood, This design will compete within the growing UK 36r class series. The future plan will be to have separate Vane and Radio versions of this design.

A new ‘Vane A – Class’ hull will be produced for the Nationals at Gosport in 2020. Learning the lessons from the Matrix concept, a version 2 of this yacht will be under construction throughout the winter. Testing will begin in the spring.

2019 has been an exciting year.

Using our existing designs we have launched two new boats and upgraded our existing Marblehead ‘Astrix’. At the start of the year we decided to concentrate our efforts on qualifying for the World Championships in 2020. Therefore, Damian moulded a new Sonix (10r) with John beginning his campaign at the class Nationals. Despite the slow start, the progress made throughout the season has been significant, resulting in qualification to the (10r) World Championships during the last ranking event in Milton Keyes.

The next new yacht constructed this year by Damian was the improved ‘Drisky’ (6 Meter Class). Historically the design has attracted some critics despite finishing 2nd in 2008 and 3rd in 2012, in the class Nationals. Fresh with a new keel concept and a lowered rig configuration, Drisky achieved 4th in the Nationals this year, despite having only sailed for the second time since its construction.

However, the biggest challenge this year has been the campaign for qualifying for the Marblehead World Championships using the Astrix design. Damian has continually invested his time into the development upgrades for the Astrix. The fin and rig positions are located further forward than previously and the lead ballast has been increased in overall weight. Despite the invested time and the improvements seen, John and Damian have suffered some indifferent results. When changes to the boat have been completed, this has been to the expense of preparation time prior to a race, resulting in some basic lessons learnt. Our challenge will continue and hopefully Astrix will show more improvement in the new year. The effort in developing our existing designs with each race, has been well received by other skippers, who continue to show their support for our enthusiasm. John and Damian’s focus remains towards the forthcoming Worlds in 2020 at West Kirby.

In the background several new items have been tested throughout 2019 and the first of these is the radio pot with an under deck mounting ring, incorporating a radio plate.
A new IOM called ‘Maiden’, designed by Damian has been tested through the year and is now available to order. All this keeps John and Damian moving forward within the sport.

Matrix (A – Class)
Remix (36r)
Radio Pot
Remix – 3D Print