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IOM Maiden

IOM – Maiden – New for 2020

Designed by Damian Ackroyd

LOA – 1000mm Beam 160mm Minimum Displacement 4kgs

Maiden is layered up in 3 layers of glass cloth, 2 of which are S-glass for added durability. Designed primarily for lighter wind venues, throughout her first year she has proven herself exceptionally well across the wind speed bracket. The fore-deck is shaped to add strength and enables a nice blend of the jib boom to the hull form. There is less of a need to have a deep mast well with modern low aspect goosenecks, boom ends dragging in the water or hitting tops of waves when on a reach are not ideal.
You can order the standard colour options on the order form or utilise the RAL or BS colour systems, as all hulls are sprayed with 2 pack. A selection of sample colours can be sean at the bottom of this page. Foils are usually painted in dark grey or white (at extra cost). Maiden has sailed her first year in the north of England and Scotland and has incorporated several changes through this time and now she is ready as an option for sailors who are in the market for a new IOM.

Maiden hull with keel & rudder: £995
Maiden hull plus 2 rigs* and RMG winch**: £1845

*If posting, sails will be sent separately to the mast and will require some input from the skipper.
**Other winches are available such as the Robbie, Kingsmax and PJ Sails.

Radio Pot Assembly – Click for PDF download to pot and sheeting guide

Maiden can be configured to support the RMG and other types of sail winches inside the large radio pot utilising a digitally printed mounting system for the radio plate. The rudder servo is installed outside the pot in a tray to the rear.

The hull kit will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment. The hull, deck, rudder, fin box and other internal parts, including the bumper are all fitted to the hull. Deck fittings are installed, the keel, ballast and rudder  are also painted and included. A full sheeting line fed through the pulleys is installed with plenty of cord for you to attach to the booms. Your winch and rudder servo can be installed if you supply them.

Your chosen winch and rudder servo can be installed for you as an option. Rigs can be purchased and made up for you and fitted to Maiden to enable you to take delivery of a fully finished IOM. This option is additional – price on application given your requirements.

For further information on Maiden contact Damian Ackroyd on his email

Click for Excel Order form Don’t worry if you don’t have excel, just email or ring.
Click for Radio pot and sheeting guide PDF