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Periodically products or items will appear on this page which are available at a reduced price.

For further information or to purchase any of these items, please contact John Taylor. Email:

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Astrix – Marblehead – £999

Ideal for a skipper who is new to the class. Made in Carbon/Kevlar this boat is light and durable. The hull is fitted with 2 mast tubes and can be adapted for the use of a swing rig.

Includes 4 Conventional Rigs. (B1, C1, C2 and C3). by Dave Potter utilising super stiff carbon tubing for the masts and booms – the most important aspect of any serious Marblehead package. The rigs were used by Dave but sold the hull they were made for. There are a few creases or marks on several sails as you’d except from a set of rigs that have been used. I’ve used the rigs for this year on the yellow hull as a development of the Astrix design, a development project which has proved successful in that I managed to get into A fleet and keep there several times in this years Nationals – a step up for me. But a bigger move forward for Astrix and her development for future hulls produced.
There is a matching white rudder, somehow managed to forget to put it on for the photos.

There’s no winch or rudder servo, rig box shown not available.

Price £999.