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January 2021

Now we are into the new year there are many projects to continue with or revisit. Therefore, what can you expect from us in 2021.

We are working on our first IOM ‘Home Build’ kit, which in the future will challenge the likes of the ‘Alternative’ and the ‘Corbie’ designs. Presently, we are still at the embryonic stages of developing the kit. Additionally, it has been 6 years since I last delivered a design into the IOM class. Therefore, much work is still to be done to prove the use of our kit process, as well as also proving my new ‘Sushi‘ (IOM) design. Good progress is being made so far and we hope to see the launch of ‘Sushi‘ in the spring. Once we have a settled construction process for the building kit, we will publish further details in the summer.

Work will continue on Pringle (US1m), despite not being able to test the boat against other designs due to international travel restrictions. Progress is being made to create the first carbon version of this yacht. All this will be in an effort to hopefully compete for the first time, in the US1m Championships in September.

Last year a lot of development work was carried out revising the Sonix (10R). At the time the class World Championships had been suspended for 12 months, so using the time wisely we set about making some significant changes, such as reducing the freeboard and slightly shortening the overall length of the hull. Unfortunately, as news broke on the cancelation of the 2020 World Championships, we took the decision to shelve further development. In the coming months, we will return to produce and make available the revised Sonix (10R).

Finally after a significant wait, I wish to announce our webpage for ‘Seabird’ (6mtr), design by Dave Hollom is now live. Building slots are available from April. For details please go to the link: ‘Click Here

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